Custom Fitness means just that, a unique approach. The Programs are CUSTOMIZED specifically for you and your needs. Custom Fitness means a qualified fitness professional that will help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, while addressing your needs safely. Custom Fitness addresses your total fitness with PASSION, EXPERTISE and RAPPORT. Fitness Training, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching, and Nutritional Guidance that will have maximum impact and get results you want.

Fitness guru, weight loss and fitness lifestyle expert Mister Abs created it to whip people into shape. Whether you’re a bride getting Ripped and ready for a wedding, a beginner seeking core strengthening or Pilates exercises, a novice seeking a boxing/kickboxing knockout (boxing gloves included), an expectant mom who wants to look great, or an advanced person who wants a dynamic boot camp or rigorous and diverse strength training programs…Custom Fitness is the ANSWER!


“The BEST fitness trainer/instructor should have...
The PASSION to inspire people
The EXPERTISE to educate people and 
The RAPPORT required to impact people’s lifestyles.
But they should also be FUN.
Mister Abs delivers all the above.”
-Mister Abs

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